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Where Do We Belong


Home isn’t a place – it’s an emotion. It’s the feeling that we belong, an innate craving that we spend our lives seeking to satisfy. Sometimes we find home in a place. Most of the time we find home in other people – our parents, our partners, our children, and our pets.

The most important home that we will find in this life is the one within ourselves. That home is the one that must survive the darkest days and the longest nights – all without the help of anyone else. It’s so easy to get lost. We long for fulfillment, and we look for it in the wrong places. It’s terrifying, but we must look inward for the answer.

Once we discover ourselves, we can open up to the rest of the world and what it offers. Once we love ourselves, we are strong enough to receive love from others.

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Tickled Pink


Make It Count // M

Carolina Rain


I never appreciated the beauty in a Carolina rainstorm before. The anxious anticipation of thunder claps. The flashes of lightning illuminating the sky. The warm rain pouring down. Slightly haunting. Strangely romantic. Always fascinating.

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When I first saw my grandfather lying in the hospital bed, I felt overwhelmed. It’s never easy to see someone in that condition. He wasn’t in any pain – in fact, he slept peacefully through most of our visit. He woke up before they rolled him out to be prepped for surgery, and made some pretty humble and hilarious jokes. He was so brave.

He reminded me of the unsettling reality that is an inevitable part of our human experience. It’s what reminds us to hold our loved ones closer, and appreciate every second of every day, every breath we are given to take.

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If I could fly away to my next adventure, right at this very moment, I would. That always seems to be my problem though; I see the end goal, but never the way to get there.

This morning I read a blog post by Seth Godin and was reminded that the chasm that separates us from where we are now and where we have the potential to go, really isn’t as large as we may initially perceive. Instead of giving up and getting comfortable where things simply “work” for us, we must assess our situation and find the ways to get across the divide.

So today I will be spending a few hours at The District, searching for jobs in exciting, far-away places and making a plan on how to get there.

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The District


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