Where Do We Belong

by McKenna Lowe


Home isn’t a place – it’s an emotion. It’s the feeling that we belong, an innate craving that we spend our lives seeking to satisfy. Sometimes we find home in a place. Most of the time we find home in other people – our parents, our partners, our children, and our pets.

The most important home that we will find in this life is the one within ourselves. That home is the one that must survive the darkest days and the longest nights – all without the help of anyone else. It’s so easy to get lost. We long for fulfillment, and we look for it in the wrong places. It’s terrifying, but we must look inward for the answer.

Once we discover ourselves, we can open up to the rest of the world and what it offers. Once we love ourselves, we are strong enough to receive love from others.

Make It Count // M