A Modern Office

by McKenna Lowe


I have been in Charleston for about two weeks now and have found myself stuck in a Barnes & Noble routine. While I have enjoyed my free access to WiFi + photography magazines, I must admit that I miss the comfort of my Boise coffee shops and am in desperate need of a fresh local vibe. Thanks to Google, I found a list of the ten best coffee joints here in the lowcountry, so I will be giving them a try over the next few weeks.

My first stop was Collective Coffee Co. in Mt. Pleasant. It ended up being exactly what I was looking for! Good coffee + super chill atmosphere + friendly faces meant a bright and productive afternoon. I ordered my macchiato and set up shop in the corner on the couch. I loved the vibe and the people, so I will definitely be visiting again soon. Check out their menu here: http://collective-coffee.com/

Make It Count // M