Bittersweet Goodbye

by McKenna Lowe

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Well, it’s official. I AM UNEMPLOYED. My internship at Drake Cooper came to an end yesterday, and I have to admit that I am feeling pretty bittersweet about it. It was truly an eye-opening summer at the agency. I learned so much about the world of advertising, what I am passionate about, and who I am as a person. I grew as a writer, presenter, and team member, and I am really going to miss it there.

The biggest thing that I am taking away from this experience is that no matter where I go in this world, I have to stay true to myself. I have feared conflict my whole life because I take my relationships so seriously and just want to get along with everyone. I decided at the beginning of this internship that I wasn’t going to let my fear of disagreeing with someone’s opinion stop me from standing up for my ideas. I was told from the first day that I would not survive in this industry if I couldn’t trust others enough to give and receive honest feedback. You will never achieve great work if all you ever do is agree with everyone about everything.

Even though there were many challenges working on a team of interns with eight completely different personalities, I walked away with a few wonderful new friends. I was genuinely honored to collaborate with these individuals to create great work, and I will definitely stay in touch.

My advice for anyone going into advertising is this: don’t let anyone break your spirit. If you love what you do, keep doing it. Rise above the judgment, stay true to yourself, and you will find success.

Make It Count // M