Sunday Afternoon

by McKenna Lowe

IMG_3624 (2).JPG

I made it to Java this afternoon [with no hangover], so I would call the day a success [so far]. I’ve got jobs to apply for, student loans to pay off, and a speech to prepare for tomorrow’s pitch to the boss-man. A hot cup of refreshing lemongrass tea and a nostalgic playlist [Tori Amos + Coldplay + A Fine Frenzy] was certainly in order.

I’m kind of in a weird place emotionally right now. My internship at the agency is winding down, which means that my dreams of moving back east are turning into real, executable plans. To be completely honest, I’m apprehensive. I have always been an independent spirit, but am still very close to my family and have never lived away from home. I can’t help but wonder if I will be lonely and inconsolably homesick if I leave Boise.

Still, I find myself coming back to this innate need to explore and try something new, so I know that I am doing the right thing by applying to jobs that are out of state. Here’s to the next great adventure!

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