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Make It Count // M

Three Stooges


Make It Count // M

Our Purposeful Spontaneity


It’s amazing how easy it is to lose ourselves in a moment. And then to come out of that moment and realize what it really meant, in the context of the greater scheme of life. Should every step we take be taken with purpose? Or is it acceptable to be spontaneous and not look before we leap?

Maybe we are meant to do both.

Make It Count // M

In The Mirror

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“I’ve never seen somebody put together perfectly.
What would I have to do to call you mine?
Someone like you is so hard to find.”

Make It Count // M



“People love you when they on your mind,
A thought is love’s currency.
And I been thinking about you all the time.”

Make It Count // M


Who are you?

This is the question I found myself asking out loud, as I looked in the mirror at a reflection that I did not recognize. The stranger staring back at me was the epitome of my flaws – impulsive, insecure, disappointed, and detached. I was terrified. In this moment of fear, I finally accepted that I was lost.

Every day, I was going through all of the motions. I maintained my naturally sunny disposition with family, friends, and coworkers. But on the inside I felt cold. I had lost my passion for creating, for my career, and for people. I fell back on my pain and my jaded heart, pretending that everyone important to me didn’t have feelings. When I separated the people I loved from their human emotions, I didn’t have to be accountable for my actions. I never intentionally hurt anyone, but I knew that all of my selfish decisions impacted them. And I detached so that I didn’t have to feel the weight of my guilt.

It was easy to pretend that life had already let me down and hardened my heart at twenty-two years old. It was easy to justify my selfishness by shifting the blame onto the people that had hurt me and disappointed me throughout my life. But that wasn’t me. I wasn’t this jaded, negative person. And the walls that I had built up so high to protect myself started closing in on me.

Right as I began detaching from everyone around me and questioning my purpose, one of those “meant to be” moments happened. I really don’t believe other people can fix us – we have to fix ourselves. However, I do believe that certain people come into our lives for a reason. Sometimes that reason is to help us learn something about ourselves and find our path to becoming better.

Much more to come on this later.

Make It Count // M

Dear Hudson


Dear Hudson,

I can still remember the spark you had in your eye when you saw me coming toward your kennel at the end of the row at the animal shelter. Everyone else was distracted by the puppies at the front. But I came straight to you and I just knew you were mine.

I was six years old when we adopted you, my first dog.

I can’t believe that seventeen years later, you’re gone. You sure had a hell of a will to live, and I know you hid so much of your pain. You were always so strong.

I hope you and Sage are up there together now, running around in big fields and chasing lots of squirrels.

Love // M